Venture crew 420


Who are we?

Venture Crew 420 is an organization for young men and women who are at least 13 years of age, who have completed the 8th grade, and are no more than 20 years of age.


What is Venturing?

Venturing is a co-ed program created by the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women who have similar interests in a multitude of experience areas including but not limited to high adventure, drama, sports, music, boating, etc. One goal is to enhance our memberís life experiences with positive social activities, and community service.


When do we meet?

Venture Crew 420 meetings will be on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at 7:00 PM.


Where do we meet?

Venture Crew 420 meets at the First Congregational Church of Norwood in a classroom downstairs.










Crew 420 Upcoming Events